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Joshua van ’t Hoff


Joshua Richard van ’t Hoff (1987) is an independent narrative & documentary filmmaker from the Netherlands.

Filmmaking was already in Van ’t Hoff’s life early on; by bringing a video camera to high school he captured moments and portray individuals, by making videos with his siblings or friends he entertained people. It became more serious in 2010, when he made an informative video for his education in journalism, News & Media, at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. In this film project he discovered all stages of the creation of a film, making him realize the art that would become both his passion as well as his profession.


Van ’t Hoff started his career as a professional filmmaker in the year of 2011, thereby launching his film production company: Apostrof Cinema. Writing, directing and producing his first short narrative films, he also started a 6-month internship as a camera operator at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam for short documentaries about artists, discovering the art of cinematography professionally. After finishing his internship, he would work at the theatre two years more. He continued making narrative films, while at the same time began working as a freelance filmmaker by producing corporate and promotional videos, video impressions of events and weddings, and film portraits of houses for sale; whereby slowly finding a balance between his commercial and artistic side. He finished his education in 2014.


Truth & Privacy in the National Archives of the Netherlands is Van ’t Hoff’s first documentary film, which he wrote, directed and produced in 2015. This documentary concerns relatives of Holocaust victims and their quest for truth in restricted World War II files. It was screened at events in both the Netherlands as well as Israel and was broadcasted on Dutch television. Ever since, he decided to focus more on directing and producing narrative and documentary films. Additionally to his own projects, he also works for other directors as a cinematographer.

Van ’t Hoff directed and produced three award-winning short narrative films in the year of 2018: A Divided Whole (drama), Accelerate (action) and The Path of the Greys (fantasy). While writing scripts for new narrative films, he is currently working on two documentary films simultaneously: one concerning a family research about a Czechoslovakian-Jewish refugee; Complete Portrait Wanted of Markéta Ledererová, the other concerning former Nazi German extermination camp Sobibór based in Poland; The Hidden Heritage of the Sobibór Extermination Camp.

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